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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  February 15, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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5:00, 43. we'll top off around 45, 46 degrees. we still have the gusty winds coming down a little bit. gusting to 33 last hour. now we're gusting at 28. still gusting to 30 at andrews. lower 20s in the shenandoah valley. on the wind gust, manassas still gusting to 31. temperatures have dropped significantly. upper 20s in our north suburbs to 40 in fredericksburg. we sit at 45. the wind chills this morning, bundle up. they're in the 20s. it is 5:00 a.m. here's monika samtani. >> thank you so much, howard. we've been telling you about an accident in springfield. although we've got a green light, we do have one to tell you about, east of springfield, franconia road is closed in both directions at guilford road with accident investigation. the car and wires down. that will be there for awhile. what you want to do is either take rose hill or van dorn street over to telegraph road to get around that accident or
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even the beltway as your alternate route to the franconia road closure. let's take you over to maryland on the other side of town. 270, no problems at route 109. really in from frederick past 109 down to the point where the lanes divide. you can see the lanes are open. we'll take you to the legion bridge. not really anything to worry about. both loops of the beltway look good across the potomac river. bw parkway looking good. that earlier construction overnight at route 198 should be cleared. i'll update you on springfield and everything else going around town at 5:10. this morning, albert haynesworth could be facing more criminal charges. he's already accused of assault for allegedly punching a driver during a road rage altercation. >> apparently a waitress is filing a police report against the redskins defensive lineman. 9news now reporter surae chinn joins us live from the w hotel where this possibly could have
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happened. surae, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike and andrea. the 29-year-old defensive lineman brings controversy wherever he goes on and off the field. apparently it followed him here to the w hotel. it is quiet now but usually big hot spot over the weekend. and yes, this is what people are going to be talking about. a police report says a waitress claims haynesworth was paying his bill. it says she was clearing the table, had her hands full of glasses and haynesworth allegedly said could you put his credit card in her blouse. she apparently says yes and that's when he allegedly caressed her breast. >> not a huge albert haynesworth fan anymore. i'm disappointed at what's going on. i'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> i hope he didn't do that. it would be terrible to mistreat a woman that way. >> haynesworth has not been charged with any crime. of course, we're waiting to hear if that will come down today. mike, andrea? >> did the redskins -- have
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they responded to this latest incident so far? >> as you know, mike, the redskins usually give their stock answer. they say they're looking into it. they're investigating but for right now, they have no comment. >> surae chinn is live outside the w hotel this morning. >> it appears antigovernment protestors in iran are braving the possibility of harsh reprisals. >> check out this amateur footage uploaded to youtube. it appears to show protests in tehran continuing well into the evening. photos have also been sent which show iranian security forces using tear gas trying to disperse the protestors. crowd estimates vary from the thousands to possibly the tens of thousands. the number of arrests reported vary as well from about 15 and some say dozens of arrests. >> there appears to be a report of one death in that skirmish as well. today, a george washington university secretary of state hillary clinton is scheduled to deliver an address supporting democratic movements in the middle east.
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here is one excerpt from her published speech. history has shown us that repress often sows the seed for revolution down the road. this comes after the state department launched twitter feeds in arabic and farsi last week to reach out to the arab world. a second man involved in a shoot-out with d.c. police late sunday has now died. three catholic university students found three masked men inside their home in northeast. officers surrounded the home and they say the suspect then started firing at them as they tried to escape out of the back of the house. police identified the suspects who were killed as 19-year-old devon sealy of gaithersburg and 21-year-old hakeem cryo. a third suspect is in custody. no one else was injured in this. former prince george's county executive jack johnson has been indicted on corruption charges. the federal indictment accuses
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johnson of steering millions to preferred developers. the fbi says it has wiretaps of jon discussing bribes and on the day of his arrest telling his wife to stuff cash. lesli johnson had nearly $80,000 in her underwear. mrs. jon is a member of the prince george's county council. time to check on your latest your money report. >> jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. >> good morning, guys. >> as for wall street, we're looking for some sales data today. some shopping data to see what people are spending. january retail sales data is due out and analysts are expecting a boost after social security tax cut put more money in all of our paychecks. checking the markets, the dow, lost 5 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq climbed by 7 points and the s&p 500 was up by 3 points.
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bethesda-based marriott international plans to split into two publicly traded companies. the company says it will spin off its time share development and management company this year. the remaining business will concentrate on lodging management and franchising and receive licensing fees from the time share business. marriott says the move will help both companies. spring clothes, they're in the store windows but get ready for some sticker shock. prices are going up by about 10%. cotton has hit an all-time high and the price of other synthetic fabrics is on the rise as well. retailers and manufacturers have tried to hold back price hikes but as labor and raw material costs surge, they've run out of way to pare down the costs. we'll have to spend more or not get the spring clothes right now. >> clothes, gas -- >> food. >> food. >> commodity prices. >> everything. >> consignment shops, use a biscsm. >> there are alternatives. >> find the alterations person in your neighborhood and go for
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it! absolutely. what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> a lot of us didn't do a lot of business trips last year. is that changing this year? we'll take a look at the results of a new study. >> this morning, dozens of roads are apparently blocked in one south carolina city. >> fire departments from around the state are monitoring the aftermath of a blaze at a fertilizer plant. >> any time now, nasa will be receiving the first pictures of spacecraft close encounterer with a comet.
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still kind of windy out there. we've got gusts in the 30, 35 range. but the winds are going to
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lessen. it will be a more comfortable afternoon in that regard. temperaturewise, about 20, 25 degrees colder than yesterday. looking at low to mid-30s here at 9:00. near 40 by noon. thankfully, the winds will be lesser this afternoon. still sunny all day. high around 45. i'll be back talking about another warm-up. here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> thank you so much, howard. we'll take a live look here at the beltway at van dorn street. no problems between springfield and the wilson bridge but just south of this outside the beltway, an accident closes franconia road. i'll update you on that accident and other virginia roads at 5:17. >> making news now at 9 after the hour, firefighters from across south carolina are responding to a fertilizer plant fire. >> several people inside the plant though escaped safely. but there are people near the plant reported hearing explosions, seeing flaming debris rain down on the surrounding area. nearby residents who leave are
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not being allowed back in because of the concerns over hazardous fumes. >> some of the police blame for violence in the early days of the egypt protests launched a demonstration of their own. members of the country's police squads marched to demand better pay and health benefits. the officers also say their misdeeds against the public were not their fault. that the mubarak regime made them do it. >> well, this morning, nasa is awaiting photos from the stardust spacecraft. >> a signal from the spacecraft indicates it was able to take about 70 pictures of a comet called pell 1 which is half the size of manhattan stardust came within about 100 miles of the surface. it visited the same corn et back in 2005. today, we'll have a weather reality check after yesterday's high hit 70 degrees. >> howard does have another big warm-up in his full forecast at 5:14. >> at 5:2 3, the cats head out for a five-game road trip and
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the search is on for trees to went to the moon. we'll explain at 5:49.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:13. people still look for their
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garbage cans after yesterday's gust of wind. here's howard bernstein. >> yeah, if the garbage blew around, be a good neighbor. go out, pick it up! >> i just saw the empty cans. >> i think it is in the next county by now with gusts going 50, 60 miles per hour. 35-mile-per-hour range right now. those are going to be coming down. i've got neighbors here. once i put the garbage can out, they could care less what happens. >> so, weatherwise, yeah. i'm living on the right side of the tracks. >> howard's neighbors, he really didn't mean that. >> weatherwise -- i'll hear about it -- >> like a good neighbor, howard is there? >> bus stop forecast this morning, it is windy, cold. it is -- be a good neighbor, mike, pick it up! c'mon! >> mostly sunny this morning. diminishing winds.
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thankfully garbage day is tomorrow, not this morning for us. sunrise at 7:00. it sets at 5:45. i'm not the only person thinking like this, andrea. i know that. your day planner, 9:00, we've got sunshine and temperatures. we've got the wrong temps. we're going to whip past it. temperatures by noon about 40 degrees. top off about 45. windy morning but better in the afternoon. much colder today. temperatures dropping and some 20, 25 degrees from yesterday. mild again on wednesday and then warmer thursday and friday. we've got 60s thursday. maybe 70 in spots on friday. 33 in baltimore. 28 in hagerstown. culpepper, fredericksburg to 37 and patuxent river. your wind chill, wind chill running in the teens now. quite a change from yesterday. our wind chill in washington, 24 and it feels like 27 at the naval air station at patuxent river. definitely need to bundle up. getting ready to go out to the school bus. north-northwest winds at 20.
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the dew point is also dropping very dry air and it has been very dry around here this whole winter. had a red flag warning in february. keep dry. we'll have more of those come march and april. look how warm it is. 40s and 50s. the arctic air in quebec and ontario pushing away here. caribou is 13. much of the country is very mild today. for us, we've got some northwesterly winds. we had some snow showers up here earlier. last night, generally clear skies now and here is the next push of warm air with these clouds and the mississippi valley moving in from the west. high pressure is going to build in later this afternoon. so, the winds will be diminishing. fairly light as we head into tonight. as the high pressure passes, the winds go south and southwesterly. we begin yet another warming trend. maybe we'll get another couple of chances for showers. rain chances don't look high at all. breezy today, 45, 46. nice tomorrow, 55.
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thursday, mild. 62. even milder on friday. upper 60s. winds return saturday dropping us into the 40s. sunday and monday, still pretty decent. looking dry. upper 40s to low 50s by presidents' day. 5:17. here's traffic. >> thanks, howard. good morning, everybody. we've been telling you about an accident this morning. we're starting with a green light but there is one to tell you about. let's go straight there on to a map. this is in the springfield rose hill area closing down franconia road at guilford road in both directions. it happened after 2:00 this morning. a car into a utility pole brought wires down and the pole cracked. crews are on the scene and police are investigating what happened there. it will be there for awhile. plan early as you head out the door. either use rose hill or van dorn street to telegraph to get around it or 495 as well. franconia road closed at guilford road. let's take you over to a couple of live pictures around town. on the toll road, no problems as you come in from hunter mill road. route 7 and the greenway look good out of leesburg.
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here's what it looks like on 66 coming in from centerville. and we'll take you over to your traffic times on the beltway from the wilson bridge to van dorn, only 6 minutes. 95 in maryland down from 216 to the beltway is 9 minutes. everything is running on time. another look at virginia roads at 5:25. back to you. fairfax county school bus drivers are upset. they say something needs to be done before a student loses their life. they feel more drivers are ignoring bus stop signs. fairfax county police records show 1700 summons have been issued over the last five years for people legally passing buses. but the bus drivers say it is getting worse and the burden is on them to get information on who's committing violations. >> got the license plate, the color of the vehicle, what the person looked like, what was driving it -- who was driving
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it and that's hard to do when you've got 30 kids or 20 kids getting off and you're trying to see who's going with what parent. >> buses in other districts have been outfitted with cameras to record stop sign violations. we're told fairfax county has no cameras. a redskins defensive standout has surgery. for an injury that didn't cause him to miss any games. >> plus, the capitals stumble in the opening game of a five city road trip. highlights next in sports. at 5:19, time for the morning question of the day. >> this someone a geography test. if you were to ski in the dolomites, what country would you be visiting? >> would it be a, switzerland? b, italy or c, belgium? >> here is a response from daphne. she says c but if i'm wrong, i won't feel bad because i don't go skiing anywhere ever. >> she wouldn't go with howard. >> great guess. the answer and more of your comments are still coming up this morning. keep it here. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond,
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good morning, everybody. clear skies. still windy out there. winds gusting 30, 35 miles per hour. your temperatures running in the 20s to mid-30s as we head toward the 9:00 hour, still 20s from martinsburg to hagerstown. we'll be 34. same with fredericksburg. look what happens as we head toward the 1:00 hour. we do get into the low 40s.
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topping out about 45, 46. you're looking at clear and 43. mike and andrea, back to you. >> thank you, howard. one of the redskins top defensive players goes under the knife. >> the caps try to avoid a three-game losing streak. brett haber has highlights in this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning. a ten-day excursion is fun if you're going to vegas or the bahamas but if you're going to phoenix or san jose as a hockey team, it can ruin your season. the caps sitting in fifth place in the east as they are, they could not afford a hiccup. first stop in phoenix to meet the coyotes. a fluky goal for johansson. deflects off the goalie's stick then off the defenseman and in. we're tied at 1. same score in the second when the caps scott hannan lays the wood. that's not legal. on the ensuing penalty, ray whitney makes the caps pay.
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the 19 year veteran puts phoenix ahead to stay. caps drop their third straight 3-2. we talked earlier about the unfolding albert haynesworth legal drama. that's not the only disturbing off-the-field incident involving a redskins player this weekend. banks was stabbed at a d.c. club while defending a childhood friend from the attack. though the wounds were superficial, banks remained in the hospital overnight. his agent said he should be released today. banks has not been accused of wrongdoing. safety laron landry had surgery yesterday but not on the achilles' heel that caused him to miss the end of the season, on a dislocated wrist he suffered in week two. landry went on to play through the pain for seven more weeks. amassing a pick and 85 tackles. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm brett haber. have a great tuesday, everybody. >> ok. now to the new top 25 mens
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basketball poll. kansas named number 1 but then they lost to kansas state last night. georgetown back in the top ten at number nine. sorry george mason, the patriots are just one spot out. they're number 26. despite their 11-game winning streak. >> not fair. >> not fair. >> we'll show you the newest model to grace the cover of the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue coming up. >> some of the key components of president obama's new budget plan. a quick cheskt traffic now. monika? >> we'll take a live look. 395 duke street, you can see volume but all lanes are open. i'll update you on an accident in springfield at 5:30. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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. welcome back to 9news now.
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i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. thank you for joining us. monika will have traffic in a moment in for angie. weather first, mr. bernstein, how are you, sir? >> good news, bad news sort of day. the winds are diminishing. bad news is it won't be 70 again. the winds will be coming down later on this afternoon. later on this morning, we'll start to see the winds tail off. still gusty early. here is a look at the day planner today. we've got temperatures a lot colder than yesterday at this time. by 9:00, still low to mid-30s with a wind chills in the 20s. noon, upper 30s to near 40. by 5:43 topping out at 45, 46 for the highs today. look at the winds gusting at andrew's air force base. i think by mid to late morning, the wind situation will be a lot better than it is right now. temperaturewise, upper 20s north to low 30s. that means some wind chills are down even in the upper teens there. you go south there. culpepper, fredericksburg. we're holding on to 39 degrees.
5:30 am
a quick look at your travel forecast. bumpy takeoff here with the winds buffetting the aircraft. boston and new york, cold but sunny. milder temperatures go to atlanta, charlotte and memphis, 50s and 60s. monika? >> good morning, everybody. we're starting this traffic with a green light. although i do have one accident to tell you about. i'll take you to a map. just outside the beltway in springfield, rose hill area where franconia is closed in both directions. this accident happened overnight about 2:00. a car into a utility pole and brought the wires down. i suggest that you plan early and take rose hill or van dorn over to telegraph road. the beltway is looking fine. let's zoom into 270 and take a live look at route 209. the lanes are open. no incidents to report as you head down toward route 121 in clarksburg. back out to the maps now. we'll zoom in over to the other side of town at route 301 at
5:31 am
trade zone avenue where there are trees and debris in the roadway in upper marlboro. follow police directions to get around that one as well. a quick look at your travel times, outer loop 95 to 270 is 10 minutes. 295 redding to route 50 is five minutes and the beltway route 50 to 295 is running on time. in my next report, a quick look at the springfield accident. >> thank you, monika. >> this morning, there are no reports of antigovernment protests in iran. tens of thousands of protestors returned to the streets at tehran for the first time since 2009. back then, the opposition was eventually crushed after demonstrating against some election results they weren't happy with. the official news agency confirms one person was killed in the clashes between police and protestors and dozens more jurisdiction. >> federal prosecutors have released the corruption indictment against former prince george's county executive jack johnson. johnson is accused of steering millions in federal housing
5:32 am
money to preferred developers. the fbi released transcripts of wire taped conversations including the one in which johnson allegedly tells his wife to stuff cash in her underwear as agents move in. redskins defensive lineman albert haynesworth in trouble once again. apparently after turning himself in saturday on charges connected to an alleged road rage incident, now, there are reports a waitress is saying haynesworth fondled her just hours later. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live at the w hotel. the scene where this latest incident may have occurred. surae, good morning. >> good morning, guys. whatever happens, if anything happens, took place inside the w hotel here in downtown d.c. you know, redskins fans are loyal to the team but when it comes to certain players, especially haynesworth, they've got strong opinions and this morning, they're sounding off. >> he shouldn't take that liberty and try to do something
5:33 am
like that. >> downward spiral right now. >> well, a 23-year-old waitress claims haynesworth, instead of paying for his bill, sexually assaulted her. the alleged incident happened sunday night, the waitress' hands were full of glasses and according to the police report, haynesworth asked her if she could put her credit card in the blouse. that's when the defensive lineman allegedly fondled her. albert haynesworth's agent came out with this statement... as for charges this morning, they have not been placed against haynesworth. that's the latest here in northwest. back to you, mike, andrea? >> thank you, surae chinn reporting live from the w hotel in northwest. virginia state delegate jackson miller is imploring lawmakers to pass several bills
5:34 am
concerning illegal immigration. miller, a republican told the general assembly last thursday's murders in manassas happened just a mile from his home. three people were killed, three others injured. the suspect, 37-year-old jose reyes of el salvador was ordered deported back in 2002. but federal authorities never detained him. police in prince william county are looking for a man who they say allegedly approached two female middle school students. the girls reported the incidents both attend graham park middle school in dumfries. the man asked them to get into his car and they both refused. a lookout has been posted for an older model silver van with tinted windows and a dent on the rear passenger side bumper. some gay and lesbian couples spent their valentine's evening rallying outside the state house in annapolis. they're supporting legislation that would make gay marriage legal in maryland. that measure is now before the state senate. according to "the washington post," a majority of state senators have said publicly,
5:35 am
they'll vote in favor of the bill. ok. 5:35. time now for a look at your money. >> jessica is back with a look at the white house's new budget plan. >> lots of debates over this. one of them is will it create jobs or won't it? you know, that's one of the debates that's raising along with debating whether the u.s. aims to cut the deficit fast enough. today, the white house budget director will defend the new $3.7 trillion proposal before lawmakers. while the president's plan calls for slashing over a trillion dollars over the next decade, it does invest in repairing and expanding highways and bridges and railways. advocates argue they could create millions of jobs. others say the projects won't be funded as congress looks to red line any items that cost money. >> has your company been sending you on fewer business trips? that's not likely to change much this year according to a new surae by career builder. it finds three in ten companies said they cut back on business
5:36 am
travel. of those companies, 37% said it negatively affected their business. still, they're sticking with the slimmer travel budget. 77% report that business travel levels will stay the same as last year. as of yesterday, you can send in your itemized tax returns. if you've done them. now, if you've tried this before february 14th, you had to hold off because congress was slow to finalize the tax codes this year and by the way, this year, the i.r.s. has an app you can check to see when the refund is coming. >> what isn't there an app for. >> i haven't done my taxes yet. >> no. >> we're organizing. >> i have my receipts in my paperwork. >> one last step. >> yeah. >> several last steps! [ laughter ] >> thank you. today, president obama will hand out the nation's highest civilian honor to 15 recipients. >> plus, the university of maryland takes a pretty big step to reducing its carbon footprint. keep it here.
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we'll explain.
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police are on the scene. stay to the right to get by westbound is unaffected by the accident. we'll update you on this and an accident in springfield at 5:47. mike? >> thank you, monika. just about 5:40 now. people in one prince george's county neighborhood have easier access to quality healthcare.
5:40 am
maryland senator ben cardin county executive baker and others took part in a ribbon cutting at capitol heights yesterday. that is where the greater baden walker mill health center has expanded. the facility is double its previous size and now offers extensive prenatal services for at-risk women. the university of maryland is taking what it believes is a giant step to reduce carbon emissions. it plans to install a massive array of solar panels on the university's new sev rin building on greenbelt road. the university partnered with the university gas services to make the project a reality. originally, the plan was to put panels on the comcast center but the curved roof made that difficult. >> a poet and former president will receive the highest civilian honor. >> the westminster kennel club will name one of thousands of four-legged competitors as best in show. >> ok. before we head to break, who's
5:41 am
celebrating a birthday today. actress jane seymour. she turns the big 6-0. she looks fantastic. you may not recognize matt groaning, the simpson's cartoonist. he turns 57. >> redskins hall of famer corner darrell green is 51 today. glee actress amber riley is 25 today. happy birthday if it is your day as well!
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weather first time now. mr. bernstein says please pick up your garbage if you put it out and it blew all over the place yesterday with 60-mile- per-hour gusts. >> be a good neighbor. >> well put. well put. >> i'm tired of doing it. >> you know what? >> actually -- a lot of good people do that. they take extra time, extra
5:45 am
energy. pick up other folks' garbage. we salute you on this windy morning. >> they're already mad at me. so, what's the point? anyway, weatherwise, having fun with this. your bus stop forecast, there is a chill in the air. it is still kind of windy out there. wind chills are down mostly in the 20s and air temperatures in the 30s. good news is sun is up at 7:00 on the nose. 5:45 is our sunset this afternoon. but the winds, they'll still be a factor. not like yesterday. temperatures won't be like yesterday either when we hit 70 degrees. lower 30s for 8:00. noontime temp, near 40 with a northwesterly wind at 13 as opposed to 18. the gusts will be settling down. by 4:00 p.m., 44 at northwest at 10:we'll see less gusty winds as well. down in the 30s by 8:00. 20s and 30s for low temperatures tonight. down to pa at national. -- down to 35 at national.
5:46 am
32 at winchester. a subfreezing 28 near the pennsylvania border and hagerstown with a wind chill there of 17. many wind chills in the mid- 20s. culpepper, some lighter winds and milder temperatures. that wind chill currently at 34. national is 35. but the wind still howling north-northwest at 20. the air continues to dry out. dew point is down to 8. in fact, the dry air, the lack of moisture this winter is one of the reasons we had that red flag warning yesterday and we look fairly dry coming up. on the west coast, another story. several inches of rain, several feet of mountain snow and milder air being drawn into the country as the arctic air gets pushed way up into canada into eastern canada, little of it dipped down into northern parts of maine where you're going to see more snow. around here, we've got the brief cooldown today with the winds diminishing with high pressure building in today and tonight. tonight, fairly light winds. they'll turn off to the south and southwest tomorrow. this high starts to pull away, that allows another warm-up to
5:47 am
be moving in here. as we head toward the next few days. pretty nice finish to the week. your next three days, today, kind of chilly. less wind this afternoon. 46. tomorrow, back in the 50s after being in the 20s and 30s tonight. thursday, mild. 62. friday, may make it a four-day weekend, right? 68. cooler over the weekend and presidents' day looks ok. sunny and 51. right now, monika steps in with your latest timesaver traffic. >> good morning, everybody. hope you're doing well. everything is doing fine on the major thoroughfares but there is a couple of things to tell you about. let's go over to a map first. show what you it looks like over on bowie on the eastbound side of route 50. eastbound 50 at route 301, an accident blocking the three left lanes and you'll have to stay to the right to get around that one. if you're westbound 50 or headed that way on the john hanson highway through bowie, you should be ok. follow police direction on the eastbound side. overall, things are looking
5:48 am
fine. we'll zoom into springfield and show what you it looks like on franconia road which is closed at guilford road. that accident happened at about 2:00 this morning. a car into a utility pole brought wires down, cracked a pole. crews are on the scene. it will be there for awhile. either take roseville road or van dorn street to telegraph road to get around the situation or even take 495 instead of franconia road. we'll keep you posted on that one. a quick look at your travel times on the outer loop 95 to 270, ten minutes. 95 from 216 is nine minutes and the toll roads running on-time at 7 minutes this morning. we'll update you more on virginia roads next time at 5:56. back to you guys. making news now at 5:48, the winds that battered us almost caused a tragedy near pittsburgh. it blew apart a two story brick facade. one man had parked his car and was walking into the building. seconds later when the bricks pelted his car. bricks slammed into four other
5:49 am
cars. no one was in any of them. a new study finds critical flaws in how the food and drug administration reviews medical devices. researchers found that out of 113 drieses recalled between 2005 and 2009, the fda gave fast approval to more than 70% of the devices while some had absolutely no review at all. cardiovascular devices were the ones that were recalled the most. >> this afternoon in the east room of the white house, president obama will award 15 people the medal of freedom. the nation's highest civilian honor. the honorees include former president george herbert walker bush, investor warren buffett and poet maya angelou. apollo 14 sent three astronauts to the moon and back but there were also hundreds of other life forms on the flight. many of which have been lost. >> as kristin fisher reports, a scientist at the nasa goddard spaceflight center are trying to find them before it is too late. >> liftoff. we have liftoff with apollo 14.
5:50 am
>> when apollo 14 lifted off back in 1971, on board were three astronauts and about 400 seeds. >> they brought along seeds for sycamore. >> dave williams is a scientist at nasa goddard spaceflight center. >> back in 1996, i got an e- mail from a third grade teacher in indiana and there was a tree in their area that had a little flap on it. they said it was a moon tree and it said something about apollo 14. this was new to me. >> he asked around. it turned out the seeds had been planted all over the country. one right here at the nasa goddard spaceflight center. >> our tree seems to be doing well. >> the problem is that no one kept a record of where the other moon trees were. so, for the past 15 years, dave has been searching for the lost moon trees. >> so far, i have found about 80, i guess. about 80 trees and about 70 of them were still alive. >> in addition to this moon
5:51 am
tree, there are two other moon trees in the greater washington area. one is in bethesda at the society of american foresters. the other on private land in loudoun county. >> what is it about these trees? why are they so cool? you can think this thing has been around the moon. it is just fascinating to people. i think it is fascinating to me at least. >> reporter: in greenbelt, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> you can find a link to the locations of all of the known moon trees on our web site at the article is under both maryland news and water cooler headlines. well, there is a new "sports illustrated" cover girl this morning. david letterman had all of the models appear in this year's magazine on his show. they did the top ten list. they gathered in the green rooms to await the official unveiling. the cover model, her name is irina shayk. she's the first russian to score the si cover.
5:52 am
she's been in each swimsuit issue since 2007. she was photographed in a pink and yellow bikini right there on a beach in maui. now to a different kind of competition going on in new york. four of the finalists have been selected at the westminster dog show. the winner of the hound category, a scottish deerhound named foxcliff from warrenton. for the first time, a chinese shar-pei was tops among the nonsporting dogs. a bearded collie won the herding category. tonight, the top dogs from the final three categories will be selected then one of the seven group winners will be named best in show. >> woof! >> beautifully groomed. >> i know. >> they get blow-dried. it is hysterical. >> we'll answer our question of the day when we come back. >> meet a maryland woman who is helping our troops enjoy the comforts of home cooking. this is jessica. >> valentine's day often leads
5:53 am
to the altar. good news for you ladies who always dreamed walking down the aisle in a vera wang. those wedding gowns just got a lot more affordable. i'll tell you all about it and you're watching 9news now.
5:54 am
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5:55 on this colder, breezy tuesday morning. not like yesterday with the winds but boy, we've got a lot of cold air coming back. upper 20s to mid-30s here. by 9:00, that same range will be with us. we go midday, temperatures get to 41 or 45 in a few spots. we'll top out 45, 46. as you head home, not nearly as windy. temperature about 43. monika samtani, your turn. >> thank you so much, howard. we'll take a look live at 270 here. you have the volume with the lanes open from 109 heading down toward route 121. in my next report, we'll update you on an accident in springfield at 6:00. andrea, mike? >> thank you, monika. time now to answer the question of the morning. >> the question was a geography quiz. it you were to ski the dolomites, what country would you be visiting? was the answer a, switzerland, b, italy or c, belgium. ed said dolomite, ain't that one of those snail-like
5:57 am
creatures? >> ben said been there, done that, it is in northern italy close to the austrian border. thanks for making me relive the great memories. >> tom is correct. the answer is italy. they're groups of mountains in the eastern section of the northern italian alps. it gets its name because of its abundance of limestone. thanks for participating. >> valentine's day can be rough on troops stationed away from home but it was still sweet for members of the u.s. coast guard at curtis bay. >> that's thanks to a woman from pasadena, maryland, who loves to bake cookies. reporter ronn moss has more on some heartfelt gifts from a lady who really cares. >> say hello to kathy martin. the coast guard cookie lady. once a month, she delivers her home-baked cookies to the coast guard cutter james rankin and the cutter's ledge in curtis
5:58 am
bay. >> she's the best. she takes care of us. she's like a second mom to us. >> it started four years ago with a luncheon at kathy's west river marine. >> somehow from that, i'm not sure how, it enveloped into cookies all the time. >> for valentine's day, its tollhouse cookies and pecan bars. >> a lot of the guys are away from their families and they don't really have the benefits of home cooked meals or treats and she provides that. >> kathy martin's generosity doesn't stop here. at christmas, she sends care packages to coast guard cutters in the middle east. >> i've adopted six cutters in bahrain. so, the coast guard and west marine, we've become a nice partner. >> a partner with a recipe for appreciation. >> guys and girls are so incredibly grateful. when they see me, they light up and they're so happy and it just makes my heart expand.
5:59 am
i could -- it just makes my day. >> kathy martin is the store manager at west river marine in pasadena. her us should a member of the coast guard auxiliary. >> she knows what they need and good cookies! always works. works here, too. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> you brought in cookies yesterday. i'm mike hydeck. monika samtani is here with traffic in for angie. >> she brings in goodies, too. >> howard of course is here with your weather first. not as windy as yesterday. >> the winds by this afternoon will be much lighter. still this morning, it is kind of windy out there. temperatures not nearly as nice as yesterday. temperatures -- 70. 70 was the high. missed the record by 3. today, we'll been 25 degrees colder. high around 45, 46. noontime, 39. we're at 34 with clear skies. by 5:00, driving home. no issues weatherwise except for a sun glare. temperature will be down


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